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Burglary Prevention in Palo Alto, CA; Tips for Home Security Improvements & Protection from Break-Ins

With calls to defund the police in many places, some local governments are cutting police budgets. As a result, more people are realizing they need to improve their home’s security. Understanding how criminals operate can be helpful. With this in mind, we at First Lock and Security Technologies would like to share some helpful recommendations on how to better secure your home.

How to Secure Your Home & Protect from Break-Ins

1. Ensure that every accessible entry point is locked including doors, windows and garage doors; no matter if you are home or away.
2. Keep your landscape well-manicured to limit hiding places for burglars.
3. Avoid displaying your valuables. Keep your high-end possessions hidden from public view. Try to avoid advertising the new expensive electronic toy you got by leaving the packaging out on the curb for days. Instead toss it out on garbage day. Keep the curtains and shutters closed as often as possible to not tempt thieves should your valuables be in view of the windows.
4. To alert you of movement going on outside your home, install exterior motion sensor lights. Organize a neighborhood watch, or at least get your immediate neighbors involved and inform neighbors of suspicious activity. When leaving your home for more than a few days at a time if you don’t have a house sitter, ask a trusted neighbor to keep on eye on your home. Have any newspapers or similar clutter from your porch or driveway retrieved by trusted neighbors.
5. When you are not home, give the illusion to burglars that someone is home. Leave a radio or TV on along with a light or two. Most thieves don’t desire an audience or want trouble with occupants. Dogs make excellent security guards and all they need for payment is food and belly rubs!

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