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Busting Locksmithing Myths in Cupertino, CA; Not All Locksmiths are Reputable & More

Your home is a sanctuary and the thought of it being broken into, damaged, or your possessions being stolen is very upsetting. Locksmiths can help you replace a lost or stolen key, but they can also play a role in assimilating a safe home. Unfortunately, there are some myths that surround locksmith services. To keep you better informed, First Lock Security & Technologies will bust these myths today!

6 Myths About Locksmiths

Myth #1- Keys that say “do not duplicate” are not copied. Just because your key is stamped that way doesn’t mean it won’t be duplicated. Most locksmiths will cut them without question, but hardware stores probably won’t. You can prevent a key from getting duplicated by purchasing a key restricted lock. These locks cost more, and the keys are also more expensive. You will also need to show proof of ownership if you need a key made.
Myth #4- Locksmiths always work quickly. This is a common misconception. We all want to get into our home quickly when we are locked out but there are situations where the process of getting you in might take longer than anticipated. Specialized services can be difficult and time consuming. Give your locksmith time and space to get the job done as quickly as possible.
Myth #5- Locksmithing is easy. Locksmiths make it look easy but there is extensive training, and many hours worked to make it look that way. Many times, locksmiths are under a lot of pressure to open up locks. They can also be put in dangerous situations with tenant evictions, police open ups and domestic situations with one or more spouse. They also need to be efficient any time of the day if they work 24/7.
Myth #6- All locksmiths are reputable and trustworthy. It would be nice if you could trust every business, but you can’t. There is a locksmith scam that plagues the United States. You may come across an out of town “locksmith” that advertises locally and then becomes the first responder to an in distressed customer. They will seal the deal with the promise of quick service and low prices. The customer will then end up waiting a long time and end up being charged much more than promised. Always check credentials when hiring a locksmith.

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