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How to Find the Best Safe for Your Atherton, CA Home; Size, Fireproof, Tamper Resistant & More

Many people like to have a safe in their home that they keep their valuables in. As you start looking at your options, you will quickly find that there are thousands of choices all claiming to be the best safe for you. With such a large market, you need to know exactly what you are looking for so you can weed your way through the ones that you don’t. First Lock Security & Technologies is here to share some tips that can hopefully help you pick out the best safe for your needs.

What Size Safe Do You Need?

Usually, when someone is buying a safe, they are doing so for a reason. Think about the reason you are purchasing a safe and what your needs may be. What are you going to be storing inside of it? If you are only needing something to put your jewelry or cash and precious metals, you may not need the same sized case as someone who is needing to store a hunting rifle. There are also some needs for a safe to store precious heirlooms that you are worried could be damaged in the case of a flood or fire. Another consideration you may want to make is your family size. As your family grows and needs change, will the safe you are looking at still meet your family’s needs down the road?

Fireproof Safe for Home Use

One thing that is important to remember is the fact that not all safes can hold up against a fire. A safe comes with a fire rating depending on how well it can withstand a fire and for how long. Of course you would hope that the fire would be put out fairly quickly, but you need to know that your safe can hold up until that happens. A safe is given its fire rating safe after being put through a fire endurance test. For instance, a safe that is given a Class A rating will be able to withstand 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 hours while a Class E rated safe will only be able to withstand 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. For many people, they want to know that their valuables will be safe in the case that a fire happens.

Tamper Resistance Safe

This subject is one of the most important aspects of your safe as well. The entire reason you are most likely getting a safe is to ensure your valuable belongings are where they need to be as safe. Tamper resistant features that you may be looking for include the types of locks used, general construction of the safe and the level of difficulty when it comes to picking the locks or trying to decipher the codes required to gain access inside.

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