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How to Install, Anchor & Secure a Floor or Wall Safe in Santa Clara, CA; Deciding the Best Place to Put & More

Perhaps you have just invested in buying a safe for your home. You may have gotten a safe to protect important documents, perhaps jewelry, money or precious family heirlooms. Regardless of your reasons for buying a safe, you will now need to decide where to put your safe. Depending on the size of the safe, you must also consider that any safe can be stolen with the right tools and amount of time an intruder has. Safes are like a gold mine to burglars. They will attempt to take the safe with them, where they can take their time breaking into the safe and access the treasures inside. To prevent your safe from simply being taken way, it is essential to install the safe in the perfect location. First Lock & Security Technologies will share a few tips on installing safes to ensure they are not stolen.

Decide the Best Place to Put a Safe in Your House

Depending on the size or type of the safe, you will have some slight installation variations. However, in general you will have similar steps depending on the safe’s location. It is recommended to install bigger safes on the floor. This allows the maximum strength as you can anchor the safe to the floor and wall. An elevated safe can loosen the floor anchors. First you will want to determine where you will want to have the safe installed. You may want the safe in the master bedroom, in a home office, or secured in a basement. Wherever you want it installed, make sure it is at least out of sight either inside a closet or encased in a cabinet. Nevertheless, you will want it on a flat floor. When installing a safe on bare floor such as concrete or wood, it is recommended to use a primer or paint and paint the bottom of the floor where the safe will sit. This will help prevent any future rusting. If you are installing the safe down in an area prone to flooding, it is recommended to elevate the safe.

Building a Wood Base Platform to Elevate Floor Safe in Flood Prone Areas

To ensure the safe is still secured properly, build a strong base for the safe to set on. You can use either 4×4 or 4×6 wood for the frame. Make the frame line up with the safe mount holes. Once the frame is built, make sure to secure the frame to the floor. Here is a word of caution: when designing and building your safe frame, make sure the frame sits tightly on the floor and there are no gaps where a jack or pry bar can get underneath the frame.

How to Anchor a Gun Safe to the Floor or a Wall

Some safes will come with predrilled holes for the anchor screws, other times you may need to drill the holes yourself. Follow the manufactures installation directions when drilling your own anchor holes. When anchoring the safe, you will want to use strong bolts or anchor screws. You will want the anchors to go through the floor and into the walls. However, it is essential when anchoring a safe to the wall that the anchor screws are in the studs. The stud is the internal wood framing of the home and will offer the most support.

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When buying a safe, it does no good to have one if it can be easily taken. If you buy a safe from First Lock & Security Technologies, we can install it too and offer lots of tips on the best safe location for your home or business! Contact us to get started today.

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