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How to Prevent Break-Ins in Palo Alto, CA; Secure Front, Back & Garage Door with High Security Locks & More

Everyone wants to think of their home as the most secure place in the world. There is no reason that your home shouldn’t be just that. Unfortunately, every 15 seconds a home invasion occurs. This means that it is more important than ever to ensure your home has the security protocols in place to keep you and those you hold dearest safe from a break in. First Lock & Security Technologies is here to share some tips to help you create a home that is safe against such crimes.

Secure Front Entry Door

Even though it may be obvious, people don’t realize that the front door is still the first place that a criminal will try to get into your home. It is easily accessible and homeowners often make it even easier when they don’t lock the door. Another mistake that many homeowners make is to hide a key to their home next to the front door. Someone that is motivated enough will surely find it and then have access into your home. Following are some more tips about how to secure your front door:
– Have a high quality deadbolt installed on your front door.
– Install a heavy duty strike plate installed to help protect your door from getting kicked in.
– Always lock your door.

Back Door Security Bar & Locks

The backdoor is another entrance that is frequently used to break into someone’s home. This is an entrance that is more discreet than the front door, and homeowners usually don’t have the same level of security at their back entrances that they do on the front door. You need to ensure you have heavy duty locks installed on your back doors just like you do on the front. If you have a sliding door, you need to reinforce it since the traditional locks that come on them are easy to break into.

Garage Door Security System

Burglars will choose to break into a home that has an attached garage nearly 10 percent of the time. This is another door that shouldn’t be overlooked when you are inspecting the security of your home. Many people use this entrance into their home as their primary entrance. You need to not only secure the door into your house, but you should make sure your large garage door is secure with a higher grade lock than the one that it comes with. You should also avoid leaving your garage door opener in plain sight in your vehicle.

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Increasing the security of your home is important. In fact, it is so important that you should enlist the help of professionals rather than attempt to do it on your own. At First Lock & Security Technologies, we can help you make sure that there won’t be anyone breaking into your home anytime soon. Our team of professionals are here to make our top recommendations. Call us today!

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