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Importance of Door Access Control System Installation in a Business Environment in Redwood, CA

Is it about time your business leaves traditional lock and keys behind and moves to a more modern way of handling who has access to your building? In addition to any type of high security lock or key control system, you may be interested in electronic control of employee access. First Lock & Security Technologies will share how businesses can benefit from access control and how it works.

What is Access Control?

An access control system allows you to control the people and the time they are able to access the facility. In addition you can track who, when and which doors were opened.. Access control systems are an addition to your traditional lock and key system. However, even a traditional lock and key system is considered a form of access control, but the enhanced capability of electronic controlled systems allow far more detailed control and accountability of employees actions.

Where are Access Control Systems Implemented?

Access control were at one time primarily used by large corporations and businesses. However, this is no longer the case. Scalable devices are now available so that even smaller properties can benefit from access control systems as well. When the technology was new, businesses were the first to use these more advanced security systems but with technological advancements, access control systems are now available for residential as well as commercial properties.

Access Control Systems Use a Variety of Credentials

Cards, Fobs, Hard Key integrated, Push-button, Biometric and Smart Phone, or a combination of these are some of the readily available ways to control access to a building or room. Whether you are a business owner or homeowner that needs an access control system, you can find a number of options which are right for you and your property.

Benefit of an Access Control System

There are many benefits of having an access control system for businesses and even homes. One is more convenience in the sense you do not need to distribute and rekey locks when a change is needed, individual users can be removed without rekeying and without anyone really knowing that someone else no longer has access . Additionally, without the need to hand out keys, you can be a bit more flexible as to who gets access to the building. For an example, vacation homes often use an access control system where they can give their renters a temporary key code to enter the home. No need to wait for travelers to come to the home rental and give keys to the home. Without the need of providing keys you don’t have to worry about anyone losing the keys or not being able to access the building. If you think access control con make your place more secure by giving you better control and or more convenience is desired, call First Lock and Security Technologies for the professional guidance we offer.

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To know more about an access control system for your home or business, contact First Lock & Security Technologies today. We offer quality lock repair and installation, re-keying and other related services.

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