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Ways to Protect Your Home While Traveling on Vacation in Woodside, CA; Use Safe for Valuables, Quality Locks & More

As the restrictions are loosening, many people are wanting to get out of the homes they have been locked in for quarantine. Where everyone still needs to practice social distancing and sanitation, it is understandable there will be people who are taking advantage of the summer months to visit relatives and get out of town for a few days. With this in mind, we at First Lock & Security Technologies would like to offer suggestions to keep your home safe while you are away.

Preparing House for Extended Vacation

Avoid heading out the last minute if you can help it. Take the time to plan the care of your home. Ask a trusted neighbor, friend and/or family member to watch over your home. Whether you have pets that need feeding and being let out, plants to water, or simply just to stop by to show activity to the home, you want people to think the home is in use.

Is it Safe to Leave Lights on While on Vacation?

Just because no one is home, doesn’t mean that your home should look empty. It is simple to make the home look occupied. Put a couple of lights on a timer to have them come on at dusk and turn off at some point during the night. Be sure the timers turn the lights on and off at different times. You can even set it to turn on and off with a timer if you have a smart TV. If you have a trusted neighbor, you can leave the vehicle in the driveway as well. Also, whether you’re home or not, a visible home security system that includes surveillance cameras is going to help keep your home secure.

Unplug Appliances when Not in Use

Make sure to unplug unnecessary appliances, especially items that activate at times, such as alarm clocks and coffee makers.

Avoid Vacation Bragging Before You Leave the House

Social media has become the platform to share family events, steppingstones, and even vacation planning. However, experts say that nothing is safe on the internet, even with privacy settings, and you never know who is seeing your posts. When planning any travel, it is best to only tell those who need to know and to avoid posting any details until you are back home.

Use a Safe for Valuables

If you have a safe, be sure to place all of your valuables including any cash you are leaving behind, jewelry, documents, and unused prescriptions among other valuables. If you do not have a safe available, squirrel your items hidden away in unexpected places, like a kitchen pantry. Avoid leaving video game consoles, laptops, and other valuables lying around, make sure they are away and out of sight.

Securing Your Home Before Leaving House

Make sure your wooden dowels slide into tracks of sliding doors and windows. Make sure all the doors are secure with quality locks, windows are locked, and the overall home is sealed.

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