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Benefits of Having Medeco M3 Deadbolt Cylinder High Security Locks Installed in Your Mountain View, CA Home or Business

Whenever it comes to your home or business, security is one of your main priorities. You need to know that your business, or those that you love, are safe within its walls. When deciding on what type of locks and keys to use, the options can seem limitless and overwhelming as you try to make the right choice. There is one brand that stands out apart from the rest though. First Lock & Security Technologies is here to talk about Medeco M3 locks and keys and the security benefits that come along with choosing to use them.

Pick & Drill Lock Protection

Drills and lock picking mechanisms are common tools used among those trying to gain access into your home or business illegally. Medeco M3 locks are effective in their ability to be able to withstand being compromised using a common battery drill. They also offer superior protection when different picks are used to try and gain entry. Choosing locks that can hold up even when drills and picks are used should be one of your top priorities. Medeco manufactures the largest array of cylinders designed to fit other manufacturers’ locks as well, enabling significant savings when you choose to add Medeco M3 to your existing door lock hardware.

Keys that Cannot Be Duplicated

You don’t want to think that anyone could find a key to your home and duplicate your keys to gain access into your house. In fact, many thieves can duplicate keys to homes without the key and using technology to get a key with only the lock there. With this capability, you run the risk of having just anybody letting themselves into your home whenever they want to. When you choose to have Medeco M3 locks installed on your home or business, it gives you the peace of mind that you need, knowing that these locks aren’t capable of allowing thieves to duplicate the key. They use the latest in patented technology to ensure this doesn’t happen and your home or business is safe. Patented Medeco keys are not available at any retail, hardware, big box or stand-alone kiosk key machines. Under contract with the factory, custom coined key blanks are sent directly to First Lock and Security Technologies, ensuring that the blanks are not available elsewhere. Each key system is registered with us and duplication is strictly controlled and is limited to the persons signed on the registration forms, which are secured in our safe.

Bump Key Proof Locks

While this method has been around for years, the internet has unfortunately made it easier than ever to figure out how to do this. Just about anybody can turn to videos on the internet that explain in detail how you defeat a standard cylinder with a simple key bumping technique. The most unfortunate aspect of key bumping is the lack of evidence that is left behind. It is almost impossible to trace and criminals get away with a lot because nothing can be proven. Medeco M3 locks and keys have been designed to protect you against key bumping which makes them one of the leading choices among locksmiths and security conscience consumers.

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If you are concerned about the level of security you have safeguarding your home or business, you can turn to First Lock & Security Technologies to help you choose the highest quality and most secure lock choices to keep you safe against common break ins. We have years of experience and can help guide you through the process. Call us today!

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