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We repair all types of locking hardware for businesses and residences.

Since we are professional locksmiths, not ‘lock replacers’ we will troubleshoot the problem and objectively offer the best course of action to get you a working lock based on your needs, budget and situation.

Why bother trying to repair a lock? Is it worth it?

In our disposable society many people are inclined to just buy something new when it breaks. Additionally, some in the trade do not have the knowledge or patience to determine the problem and how to resolve it, thus replacing the lock is the only option they can offer you.

When faced with a lock problem, replacement may not be a good idea or be simple to do for several reasons. First there is the door prep; what holes have been cut in the door and frame, what sizes and positioning? Will all of the holes be covered and what about the “footprint” left on the door from your current hardware, will a new lock cover it or will you see the old paint color from beneath or the faded finish after the new lock is installed? Many manufacturers have unique hole patterns that have been cut into the existing door, while off the shelf locks may look enticing they often cannot be applied to these door preps. Our experts can help sort out these factors for you.

Another important point to consider is the quality of your existing lock. Would you be downgrading your security and quality or losing some functionality by replacing it? Nowadays most of the nice looking entry sets at the home stores do not have locking capability on the lower handle or knob. This is something to be aware of. We will help sort out the options enabling you to make the best decision for your circumstances.

Whether its repair or replace we are here to help you.

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