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What type of Safe should I have for my home?
Safes offer protection from two categories of loss; Burglary and Fire and are constructed differently for each type of protection. Safes are rated for the amount of time they will rest each potential loss.


A Fire Safe is designed to keep important papers from burning in a fire. Think of it as the reverse of an oven; it is insulated to keep heat out. This is achieved using thick insulating fire brick material which is encased in a metal housing to form a box. The metal casing is often thin on fire safe, just enough to hold the fire brick material in place, and as a result can be relatively easily pried open. Remember if it’s just a fire safe it’s not a burglary safe. Its fine for keeping papers and items protected from fire and nosey people but not protection against burglars trying to get to the contents. Don’t be sold short by thinking a fire safe will protect your valuables from burglars just because it has a metal shell and a combination lock on the door.


A Burglary Safe is designed and made to resist forcible entry attacks. Burglary safes are essentially steel plates welded together to form a box with an even thicker steel door. Solid steel, the thickness of which, in combination with the sophistication of the door’s locking and relocking devices determine the rating of a burglary safe. Relocking devices are additional lock bolts which are triggered by a forced entry attack on the safe and increase the security upon triggering, making it more difficult to circumvent the locking devices. The thicker the steel and more sophisticated the locking mechanism, the higher rating the safe is awarded.


Combination Fire and Burglary Safes are also available. Made with thick steel, fire brick material and locking and relocking devices these safes tend to be bulky and heavy. When choosing a safe of this type consideration must be given to the ratio of storage space compared with overall outside dimensions, especially in the smaller size safes.

We have a wide variety of safes on our showroom floor and recommend you to come in and take a take a quick look and get a feel for how these ratings and sizes will work for your needs and the place in your home that you have in mind. Our display safes include options such as easy to use electronic push-button locks and velvet lined pull out drawers to make storing and accessing jewelry convenient.

UL1511GR with ESL10XL Electronic Lock


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