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High Security Locks


Is a standard lock and key really secure enough?

That is a question we can help you answer. We offer a variety of options for High Security Locks and Key Control.
In many situations today it is not enough to use conventional locks, cylinders and keys to achieve true security. There is a saying that “locks keep honest people honest”, and there is truth to that statement. But there are also times when you need to do more than keep the honest people out! That’s where High Security comes in.

So what exactly is a High Security Lock?

High Security Locks are designed by engineers, patented by lawyers and manufactured to very high tolerances to prevent picking and physical attacks with tools and force – the types of attacks used by people determined to break into ordinary locks. High Security Locks have multiple moving parts beyond the 15 or so generally found in conventional cylinders. These multiple moving parts must be activated in stages of precise movement, timing and accuracy, thus thwarting picking attacks. They have built-in drill and saw resistant materials to shield and prevent physical attacks to circumvent the action of the key in the cylinder. Some thug with a battery drill or a set of lock picks they picked up on the internet is not going to get through this type of cylinder. Additionally the housings, fasteners, bolts and strike plates are made of heavy duty materials, further thwarting physical attacks.

Can’t someone just copy the key?

In a word, no. The keys are controlled by the manufacturer and not available to the key duplication market. This is where we get into patents and contracts, control and distribution. One type of patent protects the physical design and actual function of the key in a High Security Lock, others protect the right to manufacture and distribute keys to qualified professional locksmiths via contractual agreements. The design of the blank key as well as the actual function of the key operating the lock is patented. Companies invest very large sums of money to design, patent, manufacture and control distribution of High Security Locks and keys and they have viciously protected their investments in courts.

We are factory authorized dealers of Medeco M3, X4 and Schlage Primus which offer a wide variety of cylinders and locks to meet any application. We receive key blanks directly from the manufacturer to provide our customers with true and absolute key control. These keys are not available at hardware stores or other locksmiths. We have established procedures and strict controls via a signature verification process to guarantee that no unauthorized keys will be released. Only authorized people whose name and signature are on the registry can receive keys.

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