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Locksmithing FAQ in Stanford, CA; Hiring a Professional Locksmith, What to Do if You Lose Your House Keys & More

There are common questions among consumers concerning professional locksmithing and there are some questions that are asked more frequently than others. Today, we at First Lock & Security Technologies would like to take the opportunity to answer a few of these questions today. Where these are just a few of the many questions people have, we encourage you to call our friendly staff and let our professionals answer your queries.

Q. Why does lock not work on one door?

A. When your locks are not operating at peak performance, there can be a few contributing factors. For instance, wood doors and/or frames will expand and contract accordingly during extreme weather conditions such as intense heat or frigid cold temperatures. This causes the lock to not fit efficiently. In the event your locking mechanisms are not operating as they should, call First Lock & Security Technologies for assistance.

Q. What if you lose your house keys?

A. In the event your keys are lost or stolen, you do not necessarily have to go to such extremes as to have your locks changed, however, it is in your better interest you get the locks rekeyed. In any case, you should definitely decide whether you should re-key or change the lock set.

Q. What exactly is lock bumping?

A. Lock picking is a method used by criminals to break into your home without forced entry. A faux key is struck with such force that the lock is then unlocked as the shaved down key is slid into the chamber. Fortunately, there are now locks on the market that are bump-proof.

Q. Why hire a professional locksmith company as opposed to a handyman?

A. Professionals have the expertise from training, experience, and someone capable of problem solving in all manner of the locksmith industry. With their professional specialties, they can conduct locksmith duties safely, without inflicting damage and offer you maximum security. Unfortunately, handymen and other nonprofessionals do not possess the knowledge or right tools to get the job done.

Q: Can you make a copy of a key that says “Do Not Duplicate”?

A: With specific information included in it or they must be present for service, in the event a key is marked “Do Not Duplicate”, or “Unlawful to Copy” it can be copied with a letter of authorization by the owner or supervisor.

Q. Is changing or rekeying locks on a new house a good idea?

A. Most definitely as it is in your best interest to keep your loved ones and your treasures safe since you never know how many duplicates are floating around out there.

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Whether you have questions or require locksmithing services, call in the professionals of First Lock & Security Technologies and let our certified experts take care of the rest.

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