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Are Digital Safes Better than a Key or Combination Safe in Monte Sereno, CA? Reliability, Security & More

In our fast paced and constantly evolving world, technological advances can work to our advantage or disadvantage. Security safes are no exception. First Lock and Security Technologies list the advantages and disadvantages of electronic safes compared to mechanical safes.

What Is an Electronic Safe Lock?

A mechanical safe lock is opened by rotating a combination dial to enter a combination. The correct combination sets the lock’s tumblers in the right position which allows the door to be unlocked. Electronic safe locks work the same way but can be opened by entering a 4–6-digit combination on a battery powered electronic keypad. When the right code is entered, it engages the mechanism and allows the handle to be turned so that the safe door can be opened.

Digital Safes are Easy to Operate

Digital locking devices are the most user-friendly types of safe locks. They alleviate the need to keep track of a key or remember a combination. Rather, you can program the safe lock to use a code of your choosing and it can easily be changed yourself when necessary. In contrast, a combination or key safe requires a safe locksmith to change the combination or lock. Plus entering a digital code is a lot quicker than spinning a combination dial back and forth just right.

Digital Safes are Reliable

Other than changing the batteries as needed digital safe locks are very reliable. The most secure electronic safe locks have a UL rating that proves the lock has been tested for functionality and reliability. In the United States UL 2058 is the primary standard for electronic safe locks. Be sure to choose a safe that has the battery access on the exterior of the safe, many cheap models have the batteries inside the safe, which is a bad idea and should be avoided.

Electronic Safe Locks are Secure

Electronic locks reign the industry when it comes to additional security features. A number of useful secondary security checks can be set that increase the reliability and safety of your safe. Offered on some safe locks, these modern features include:
Dual Custody – This feature requires two separate combination entries in order to function.
Dual Token Mode – This feature of electronic locks doubles your protection.
Time Delay Options – This feature helps prevent burglary attempts by allowing your safe to only open after a short delay period.
Time Period Settings – This feature enables the safe lock to be programmed to be operable only during business hours for example.
Duress Mode – This feature helps protect you if someone tries to force you to open the safe by triggering a silent alarm that notifies the authorities of the emergency situation.
Wrong Try Functions – This feature can automatically disable the safe’s lock after a specified amount of wrong code entries.
One-Time Use Codes – This feature can allow a temporary or one-time-use code to be generated to unlock the safe.

Do Electronic Safes Need Maintenance?

Like all electronic devices, digital safe locks will need to have the keypad batteries replaced occasionally, typically once a year. You can rest assured that the electronic lock will have your combination stored even if the battery dies. In addition, the safe lock will give you advance warning of a low battery

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