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How Do I Secure My House in Monte Sereno, CA when on Vacation? Lock Exterior Doors & More

Leaving home for vacation is fun, but it can also be quite frightening. After all, practically all of your belongings are in your home. It is where you live and most likely where you feel most secure. But what if something were to happen when you were gone? Unfortunately, burglaries peak during vacation months since a family on vacation is easy for a burglar to take advantage of. First Lock & Security Technologies offers helpful tips to prevent a burglary or home invasion by fortifying your house before you leave for summer vacation.

Lock Exterior Doors & Windows

One of the most important things you can do before leaving for vacation is to make sure that all exterior doors and windows are locked. And to take it further; if everything is locked, are those locks effective? For example, does one or more of your locks have a habit of not catching, so the door won’t stay closed? And even if your locks do function as intended, are they high security locks? If not, it is a good idea to consider upgrading your locking systems.

Secure Doors

It is a good idea to secure your doors in general. This will not only protect your home while on vacation but even after coming back. There are many ways to increase the security of your doors.

Trim Foliage to Deter Home Burglars

After making sure all doors and windows are locked, look at the plants around your house. If a burglar could climb a tree and get to a window, trim the tree. And if a burglar could hide in a bush, trim the bush.

Motion Activated Exterior Lighting

Motion activated exterior lighting is another great way to expose burglars that are trying to break in. Exterior lights that are normally on while the home is occupied should be set to turn on via a timer.

Do Not Hide Spare Keys Around House when on Vacation

Remove any hidden spare keys. When you are not at home for an extended period, a burglar can take their time looking for spare keys around your porch. Removing any hidden keys will help protect your home while on vacation. Any spare keys should be kept in a locked key box, securely attached to your home. First Lock & Security Technologies has many options for securing an extra key.

Pack Away Burglar Tools

Ensure that any potential tools and devices a burglar could use, such as a ladder, are locked away in sheds for example. Even clearing away large rocks from landscaping that can be used to attack windows is a great idea.

Home Security Surveillance

A security camera or video doorbell can allow you to see who comes to your door when you are not there. If you cannot afford home surveillance, a fake security camera or even security system signs can be effective in deterring burglars and other intruders.

Are Smart Locks Worth It?

Smart locks can be harder for lock-picking burglars to bypass than standard locks. Choosing smart locks will protect your home while on vacation and when you return. If you have a keypad lock, it is a good idea to wipe the keypad down as a burglar can look at the fingerprints on the pad to figure out your passcode. WiFi smart locks can enable you to check when the lock is opened while you are away.

Safeguard Garage

Another great idea is to disconnect your garage door opener when you leave for vacation as there are universal remotes that a burglar may use to open your garage door. You should also make you’re your garage has a strong lock and the manual release for automatic openers is protected.

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