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How Do You Best Handle an Emergency Home Lockout in Mountain View, CA?

It usually happens during the usual morning rush hour to go to your office or drop the kids off at school. You rush out of your house and lock the door but forget the keys inside. The door is locked and you have no access to gain entry into back your home. What would you do in an emergency lockout situation like this? First Lock & Security Technologies offers helpful tips to ensure you are prepared to handle this unforeseeable circumstance yourself and help others when they are stuck in such situations.

Reasons for an Emergency Lockout Situation

Forgetting your keys inside and locking yourself out of the house is not the only reason for an emergency lockout situation. Other causes include:
– Key gets stuck in the lock while trying to open the door
– Key is broken and bits of it remain inside the lock
– Lock is damaged preventing you from opening the door
– Lost or misplaced the keys
Whatever the scenario, it is important you act wisely and refrain from making further attempts to operate the lock, risking damage to the lock and door.

What to Do & Not Do when I am Locked Out?

In an emergency lockout situation, it is vital to remain calm and seek help. Emergencies happen but there are solutions.
Do Not Force Open the Door – Attempting to force the door open may damage both the lock and the door. You might even get hurt as well.
Do Not Try Picking the Lock – While there may be hundreds of written and visual resources available to pick locks, it is important you do not try these DIY methods. Again, you may end up damaging the lock and door.
Call for Emergency Lockout Service – An emergency locksmith is a skilled, professional locksmith who provides services related to lock, keys, and lockout situations. First Lock & Security Technologies has the tools and expertise to deal with emergency lockout situations. We can help you get access to your home or office without damage to the lock and property.

Can a Locksmith Just Unlock a Door?

When you call a locksmith to help you regain access to your property, we can do more than just unlock the locked door! Following is an outline of how we can help depending on the circumstances.
Assess the Situation – An emergency locksmith will first analyze the problem and decide on the best course of action. We will inspect the lock for damage that may prevent the key from operating properly.
Remove Broken Key – If the key has broken off within the lock, we use specialized tools to remove the broken key or pieces of it if applicable.
Try Unlocking the Door – A professional locksmith can use specialized equipment and techniques to rotate the lock cylinder and open the door.
Cut a New Key – When the original key is not accessible, the emergency locksmith can cut a new key identical to the original. The locksmith can inspect the lock and use a blank key to cut the key and test to ensure it is working smoothly.
Home & Office Security Consultation – Locksmith services may also include consultations for home and office security that may include recommendations to upgrade to more secure locks.

How Do You Prevent Home & Office Lockouts?
A few simple steps can help you avoid lockouts. It is a great idea to get key duplication services from your local locksmith. Having two or three copies of the keys allow you to keep a secondary key in your purse or wallet and entrust one to your trustworthy neighbor or a nearby family member. It is also important to maintain your lock and keys to ensure they are operating optimally. Call a professional locksmith to service your locks regularly.

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When you are locked out and need emergency locksmith services, First Lock & Security Technologies can help. We provide all types of locksmith services in and around Silicon Valley in California. Whatever the requirement, our professional locksmiths will help you with their skills and expertise. Call us or come by our shop in Los Altos, CA to meet all your lock and key needs.

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