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Importance of Physical & Cyber Commercial Security for Your Business Buildings in San Jose, CA

When you have a business and you primarily work out of a building or warehouse, security is a major aspect that requires a certain budget. Security may include a video camera, motion sensor lighting, and good locks. Many businesses must protect their store’s goods and expensive equipment from theft. First Lock & Security Technologies will share why it is important to budget for proper security and some of the key elements you should incorporate.

Commercial Security Budget

For commercial properties it is very important to properly budget for security. It is surprising to see how many commercial businesses will overlook their property’s security. A proper security system can prevent a number of break-ins and theft. Not only does it protect items of value on the property, it can also offer protection for the number of employees that work on the premises as well. All veteran business owners understand the value of having proper security. With proper security, businesses can run more smoothly and with no interruption due to break-ins. There are different aspects of commercial security and each requires their own budget.

Physical Security for Businesses

When budgeting for your commercial security system there are two major types of security systems you will want to incorporate. One is physical and the other is cyber. Physical security includes locking mechanisms on doors and windows. When looking at your doors’ security there are a number of options to choose from. Depending on the nature of the business, you will find there are different locks to suit your purposes better than others. Some of the best door locks for commercial properties are tubular locks, mortise locks, or multi-point locks. However, for key control and top security, one of the highly recommended locking systems are high security locks. High security locks are more resistant to lock picking or other physical forces that attempt to enter the building. Additionally, these locks use keys that cannot be duplicated unless the registered person with ID requests a duplicate lock to be made. Making a duplicate key requires a special type of key service. High security lock keys use a magnetic strip within the key which the lock reads to active the locking mechanism. When implementing security for your business, the doors are one of the first places to start. Make sure to use a good lock.

Small Business Cyber Security Plan for Your Business

Another layer to your business security is cyber security. Cyber security uses a combination of different types of security devices such as cameras and motion sensor alarms or lights. Cyber security is most beneficial during times the business is closed and the property is mostly empty. When planning out your commercial property security budget, it is recommended to use a combination of cyber and physical security systems.

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