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Lock Repair vs Replacement in Campbell, CA; Tampered Locks, Block Access to Individuals & More

Both residential and commercial buildings depend on a quality lock to help ensure security and safety. It is essential that homes and businesses have a properly functioning lock. When the lock doesn’t function correctly or shows signs of wearing, most believe it is time to replace the lock. However, locks can be repaired a lot of the time, and this is often the more favorable option. First Lock & Security Technologies will share when it is better to repair or to replace locks.

Door Lock has been Opened or Tampered with in Recent Break-In

When the home or business has had a recent break-in it is often recommended to have the locks changed out. As the scenarios can vary, keep in mind the recent intruder may have a copy of the key or compromised the lock by picking it. As some intruders may enter through a window, if there was a spare key in the home or building the intruder may now have it and will return. Often locks get damaged during a break-in. If the lock wasn’t good enough to keep burglars out, then you may want to upgrade. However, at times the door frame may have gotten broken and the lock is in great shape. If so, it may only require a few basic repairs. In this scenario, consider using a metal frame and door to increase security.

Rekeying or Changing Locks to Prevent Access to Individuals who have a Key

There are times that keys are given out to friends, family, or an ex and you may you no longer want an individual to have access to the home. Similarly, businesses often provide employees with key to the business and the employee may have left the company and never returned the keys. When access needs to be prevented, then this is a perfect situation to replace the locks. However, if the homeowner or business owner likes their lock and invested in quality security locks, you can also have the lock rekeyed.

Signs Your Lock Needs Repair or Replacement

Over time and with use, locks wear down and require some repair. One common sign that your locks require repair is when the lock is hard to turn. At times keys will begin to bend due to the tightness of the lock. This is common in older locks and often is due to corrosion or residue that has developed within the mechanism. When locks corrode they need to be taken apart and cleaned. However, in in some cases the lock is too badly damaged and may require replacement. Another symptom of a damaged lock is when the lock doesn’t feel secure. After the door has been locked and yet the door wiggles or feels loose, there is a problem. When a lock feels loose it is easier for break-ins to occur and the home or business is compromised. However, determining why the lock feels loose often requires a locksmith to dissemble the lock and see where the error has occurred. If possible, the lock can be repaired. However, if the lock is old, it is often recommended to replace the lock versus repair it.

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If the lock was a major investment and worth repairing, First Lock & Security Technologies can help repair damaged locks. We also can help replace or rekey your home or business locks. Simply contact First Lock & Security Technologies to get started today.

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