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Lock Tips for Realtors & Real Estate Agents in East Palo Alto, CA; Rekeying Locks to Match Existing Key & More

If you are a realtor working for a buyer or seller to purchase or sell a home, one of your goals is to provide guidance. You are always working in the best interest of your clients during this process. One thing that should be a priority for you is the locking systems on the homes being represented. If a home doesn’t have secure locks, it isn’t a safe place for your client. First Lock & Security Technologies is here to share some tips that every realtor should know about the locks on the homes they are representing.

Rekeying VS Changing Locks

Most realtors will encourage their buyers to have the locks replaced when they purchase a home that is new or has been previously occupied. But did you know that they could save time and money by having the locks rekeyed rather than replaced? When a home is rekeyed, the pin tumblers in the lock cylinder are reconfigured and new keys are made to operate them. When a realtor has the home rekeyed for their clients, they can hand over the new keys to them at signing, or the realtor can arrange payment in advance with the locksmith who will to do the work and hand the keys directly to the new owner. This is not only a great service to the client, it leaves a lasting impression on them and can help the realtor get more referrals. Additionally, it is imperative that all locks on all doors are in proper working order. A locksmith can inspect the home’s locks to ensure proper security.

Reinforcing Front Door Deadbolt

For most residences, the deadbolt on the entrances into the home are the main source of security. If deadbolt strike plates aren’t reinforced, they can be the weak link in the doors. The secret to reinforcing the deadbolt strike on a home is to make sure it has a steel reinforcement plate with minimum 3-inch screws. The screws need to be long enough that they actually reach the studs that are used to build the door’s frame. It is wise to mention this to your clients so they can request the change if it is needed.

Rekey a Lock to Match Existing Key

Many people realize that they can have one key to unlock all the doors to the entrances of their home. For clients that own more than one property, you can let them know that, they can have one key that will work to unlock all their properties. This can be a great convenience for clients who are splitting time between two or more locations.

Make a New Key from an Old Lock without the Original Key

Is there anything more frustrating than moving into a home only to find that there is a shed or a door that has a lock without a key that goes with it? Luckily, when you call on a locksmith to help, you can have a key made for the lock and easily gain access. Locksmiths are needed to complete this task as it requires specialized tools to get the job done. First Lock and Security Technologies is highly qualified to provide these services. As a Diamond Certified Company you are assured the highest quality and friendly service for you and your clients.

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As a realtor, it is important you know a good locksmith that you can refer your customers to during the buying and selling process. At First Lock & Security Technologies, we provide you with superior lock and rekeying services that will help ensure your client’s property is safe and secure. Call us today!

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