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Should You Replace or Rekey Locks in Sunnyvale, CA? Move into a New House, Lost Keys, After Break-In & More

Most people don’t think about the integrity of their doors and locks but understanding the hardware on your doors and how it functions will help you keep them in good working order. As your locks are your first line of defense when it comes to your home’s security, it’s important to know when to change them. First Lock & Security Technologies outlines some of the circumstances that necessitate rekeying or replacing locks.

What Happens when You Rekey a Lock?

Rekeying is a quick way to maintain your current locks integrity by changing the existing internal configuration so that a new key operates it. A locksmith carefully replaces the tumblers or pins to enable a lock that cannot be opened by the old keys. As you are paying primarily for the labor and not the parts, it makes rekeying more affordable than replacing the whole lock. If you have a quality lock that works well, rekeying it is often your best option.

When Should You Rekey Door Locks?

You Move into a New House – When you move into a new place, the only way to ensure no-one else has working keys is if you rekey the locks. After all, you simply don’t know who else has a key to your door. Past residents, friends and family or past residents’, contractors, house sitters and more could have a copy.
You Lost Your House Key – When you lose your house key, consider that someone may find it and use it to access your home. You could have dropped it out front of your house and a burglar could take the opportunity to try to use it to open your front door. If your house key was stolen along with your handbag or wallet that contained your driver’s license or other identification displaying your address; you should definitely have your locks rekeyed without delay.
You Want the Same Key for Multiple Locks – When you have locks in your home that require multiple keys, you can lighten the load on your keychain and eliminate confusion by rekeying every lock to the same key. Known as keyed-alike It should be noted that this is only possible when the locks throughout your home are the same brand or have accept the same key into the keyhole.
You are Changing Personal Service Workers – When you are switching to a new babysitter, pet sitter, house sitter or housekeeper for example, you should rekey your locks. The old providers may be feel disgruntled about being let go and tempted to return. Rekeying your locks will give you peace of mind.

What Does Replacing the Locks Mean?

When your locks are replaced, a locksmith installs an entirely new lockset with a new key. As you are paying for the labor and hardware of a whole new locking device, changing the locks is more expensive than rekeying.

When Should a Door Lock Be Replaced?

You Just Had a Break-In – Even if you cannot see any damage, if you have recently had a break-in, there is a good chance that your locks have been compromised. After a break-in, it is best to replace your door’s lock(s) immediately with higher quality security locks with increased pick resistance. A professional locksmith like First Lock & Security Technologies can help you determine the best lock for your needs.
You Desire a Newer or More Secure Locking System – Have you noticed your lock does not feel as secure as it used to? Maybe you feel a give in the lock, or the lock feels like you could easily unlock it without a key. If so, it is likely the latch or lock in one of the doors isn’t secured the way it should be to keep you safe and secure. No matter whether you currently have a low-quality or older lock, or both; you can have them replaced to a new, high security locking system.
You Want to Change the Appearance of Your Lock – If you are remodeling or decorating and want a more cohesive look to the metal hardware throughout your home, replacing the locks can help you achieve that goal. This is especially true if your current locks are different brands and types.
You Want to Switch to Different Locking System – For example, you have a traditional deadbolt and want to switch to a modern keyless lock system.
Your Locks are Damaged – If your locks are rusty or falling apart, it’s time to replace your existing lock.
Door Lock is Stiff & Not Turning Easily – When turning a key in a lock, there should be very little resistance on the part of the mechanism as keys are designed to turn smoothly with only minor effort. If you find yourself constantly struggling to lock or unlock your door, you may need a new lock.

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A professional locksmith like First Lock & Security Technologies can consult with you and inspect your locks in order to make a rekeying or lock replacement recommendation. Call us to solve all of your lock and key problems!

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