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What Do Home Burglars Look For & What Should You Lock Up in Your Home in Los Gatos, CA?

Homeowners understand the importance of securing their exterior doors and windows. Yet, many of these same owners neglect to add a security layer to other areas in their homes, leaving their property vulnerable and open to attack. According to home security experts, securing your exterior doors and windows is just the first part of the equation to protecting your safety and valuables. Keep reading to learn more about creating a security plan to keep your valuables and family secure and safe from harm.

What Documents Should Be Kept in a Safe?

Most homeowners store important papers and legal documents at home. Many of these items are originals that can be difficult, if not impossible, to replace if they are lost or damaged. Protect birth certificates, passports, titles, cash, jewelry, and other important items by keeping them secure in a personal safe. Be sure to select a safe designed to protect these items from disasters like fire and flooding and protect them from falling into the wrong hands in the event of a break-in.

A Safe is the Best Place to Store a Firearm

Do you keep guns or other potentially dangerous items in your home? Keep your guns safe and secure in a locked cabinet as required by California law. Gun safes are designed to house firearms, ammunition, and protect everyone in the house. Also, include any potentially hazardous items – such as Tasers or mace and any other things that could be dangerous should they fall into the wrong hands.

Install Interior Door & Window Locks in Home Office

If you work from home every day or even a few days a week, there is a good chance that you keep equipment and other work-related items at your residence. Office equipment such as desktop computers, laptops, etc., can be costly and an investment you should protect. You may also have personal information, including financials, that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands. Protect electronics by investing in a good quality locks and a safe.

Keep Medicine Cabinet Locked

Even over-the-counter pills and liquids can be harmful if they fall into the wrong hands. Protect children and other vulnerable family members from harm by investing in a good quality safe cabinet. Medicines cabinets or safes are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and decorative options.

Secure Outdoor Shed with Padlock

Do you have outdoor equipment stored around your property? Lawnmowers and gardening equipment can be costly, as can power tools. Keep items secured in a shed, garage, or outbuilding with a good quality door lock or padlock.

Garage Door Access Control System

Many homeowners are under the impression that their home is secure if their garage doors are locked and often neglect the door leading from the garage directly into their home. Failing to secure this entry point properly leaves your home vulnerable to intruders. Be sure this door has good functioning locks.

Install a Home Security System

There are several options available in today’s market that are affordable and offer a high level of protection. Homeowners can select from DIY models to engaging companies that install systems that include professional monitoring.

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