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What Should Be Kept in a Home Safe in Belmont, CA? Important Documents, Cash, Jewelry & More

While some items may be better off in a bank safe deposit box, there are many important and valuable items ideal for storing in a home safe where you can conveniently access them at a moment’s notice. First Lock & Security Technologies outlines what items you should consider keeping in your home safe.

Protect Sensitive Documents at Home

Passports, Social Security cards, and birth certificates can be a hassle to replace but you may need access to them outside of banking hours. A home safe is an ideal place to store these important papers.

Safest Place to Keep Legal Documents

If you have drawn up a living will, power of attorney or health care directive for example, it is best to keep these forms close to home rather than at a bank, which may seal your safe deposit box upon your death.

Insurance Documents Can Be Kept in a Home Safe

If your home suffers damage from a fire or other disaster, you’ll want to keep your insurance documents safe, so you know your coverage and have the right information to file a claim. A fireproof safe can keep your important insurance documents safe while the firefighters extinguish the flames should a fire break out on your property.

Keep Financial Records Safe

By keeping financial documents, such as tax returns, property records, brokerage statements and debt records in your home safe, you can help prevent identity theft.

Secure Prescription Drugs & Medicine at Home?

Storing potentially addictive prescriptions medications in your home safe can prevent drug abuse or an overdose.

Is it Safe to Keep Cash at Home?

It is always a great idea to keep some cash on hand in case of an emergency, especially if the area you live in is prone to natural disasters that can knock out bank and ATM networks.

Keep My Small Valuables Safe at Home?

If you have jewelry, a coin collection or other small valuable items that you want access to from time to time, you may prefer the convenience of storing these belongings in a home safe rather than having to visit a bank in order to wear your jewelry or admire your collection etc.

What Do You Do with Old Family Photos?

If you have any family photos that you want to keep but don’t currently display on your walls or mantels, your home safe will protect them from fire and water damage. It’s also a good idea to scan them, so you have a digital copy.

Where Should I Store My Safe Deposit Box Key?

If you choose to get a safe deposit box with your local bank, you can store your keys in your home safe. This will make it easy to always remember where they are as well as keep them safe from thieves.

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Having a home safe is an important way to keep your personal documents and small valuables safe as well as keep your loved ones and guests safe by keeping dangerous items such as prescription medications stored safely away. But knowing how to choose the right safe for what you want to put in it as well as where to put it in your home isn’t always easy. First Lock & Security Technologies can help you select the best safe for your needs and install it in an ideal place in your home. We can guide you through the different types of digital and mechanical burglary, fireproof and combination safes. Contact us for all your lock, key and safe related needs!

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