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When Should I Change My Locks in Portola Valley, CA? Move into a New Home, After a Break Up & More

Your locks are the first line of defense you have to protect your home, belongings, and most importantly, your loved ones. The right locks can increase security, improve accessibility, deter criminals, and provide peace of mind. Obviously if your door lock was broken, you would want to have it repaired or replaced, but there are other reasons to change out your locks as well. Generally, if the objective is to have new keys work in your lock and have any old keys not work, then locks can be rekeyed if they are in good condition. First Lock & Security Technologies outlines the different circumstances that necessitate a lock replacement or rekeying below.

You Should Change the Locks when You Move into a New Home

It is important to realize that after you purchase a new house, not only do the old owners still have the key, but family, friends and home improvement contractors the previous owners may have a copy of the keys to. Changing locks after a new move is extremely important as failing to do so puts you at risk for an unsolicited visit.

Should I Change My Locks if I Lose My Keys?

Losing a key is never as simple as just getting a replacement key. When you lose your house keys, they may end up in the hands of a stranger. It is always safer to avoid a future burlarary by simply replacing or rekeying the lock altogether, and starting fresh with a brand new key only authorized users have a copy of.

Changing Locks after a Break-In

Unwanted intruders are one of the top reasons that your locks need to be changed. Even if the intruder broke into your home without the use of a key, you never know what their future plans are. It is always best to replace or rekey the locks immediately after a break-in to prevent any further unsafe activity.

Landlords Should Change Locks after Tenants Move Out

If you own a rental property, it is important that every lock is changed after tenants move out. Replacing or rekeying the locks after a tenant leaves prevents them from being able to get back in as well as any other unauthorized visitors that could enter the premises after the lease is up.

Change Locks after a Break Up

Sometimes divorce or even a break up with a roommate can get ugly. Changing the locks to your home is an important step to knowing you will remain safe. Even if the relationship ended on a civil note, your ex could still barge in at any time without warning if they have a key. Replacing or rekeying your locks establish a boundary line that requires them to ask your permission before entering your home.

Need to Make a Lock Easier to Open

Sometimes people who struggle with disabilities and other physical limitations have a difficult time opening certain locks. Even if the situation is a temporary one such as a broken wrist or arm, replacing your lock with one that is easier to open can take away that anxiety of not being able to open or lock the door when needed.

Replacing Locks for a New Look

Changing your locks doesn’t always have to be a safety issue. Sometimes the reason for a lock replacement is due to the desire for a new look, especially when replacing your front door. Upgrading to new hardware by replacing your locks will complete the look of your updated design.

Replace Old or Worn Out Locks

Like most things, locks do not last forever. As they are typically used multiple times every day, it is easy for locks to get worn out. In fact, when it comes to your doors, the locks are most likely the first thing to go. It is a good idea to replace frequently used locks when you sense failure.

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If any of the above situations apply to your circumstances, you should consider replacing or rekeying your locks. Whether for the safety of your loved ones or to improve accessibility to your home, changing your locks can improve the look of your entryway and give you peace of mind. Call First Lock & Security Technologies to learn more today!

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