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Benefits of High Security Locks for Doors in Saratoga, CA; Rekeyable, Patented Keyway, Restricted Keys & More

When considering updating your commercial storefront’s style or wanting to increase safety and security at your business, you may be wondering if high security locks are worth it and how they are different from other locks. High security locks are a great way to boost your business’s security, especially if the previous locks were compromised. If keys to the business have gone missing or were never turned in after an employee left, often re-keying or new lock installation is required. First Lock & Security Technologies will share the benefits of installing high security locks at your business premises.

High Security Front, Side & Back Door Locks

As the product indicates, high security locks are virtually impossible to pick. The highest security locks offered are Medeco M3. These advanced locks use patented side-bar technology and beveled rotating pins. The side bar and rotating pins make it near impossible for locks to be picked or forced open. Another feature of these high security locks is that they have drill resistant hardened rods in the face of the cylinder core. With this feature, high security locks can’t be drilled open or removed as other locks can, which helps to prevent break-ins. By increasing your building’s security you can avoid theft. By avoiding theft in any business setting, you can prevent financial loss.

Customization & Rekeyable Options of High Security Locks

As businesses and their facilities vary, owners often require a customized locking system. Some businesses have multiple doors and often they want the key to fit in all of the locks. While other times, they want different keys for limited access. Depending on the business and the number of entry points, high security locks can be customized and provide more control of who and where access is given. Additionally, when keys get lost, stolen or are not returned when given out, business owners may need new keys to ensure security.

Restricted Keys & Patented Keyway Design

High security locks have special keys that cannot be copied at just any key copying place. The patented key are shipped directly from the factory to us exclusively and are not available at any other locksmith or key cutting facility. Additionally, when key copies are requested, it must be by the authorized owner of the registered account. Upon installation of the system, a registration form is completed and kept on file in our safe. The users must register their name, drivers license number and signature. Multiple names may be placed in the registry. The person requesting duplicate keys must be present and provide their ID to ensure authorization. Each key is hand stamped with a registration number and a unique serial number to each individual key. With this number, the owner can track the keys that have been issued to each employee. Together the patented system, registration, ID confirmation and serialized keys ensure the business owner that no unauthorized keys have been made.

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There are many benefits for companies to install high security locks. However high security locks are not just for commercial. They can also be used for residential properties too. If you have a business and want better security, contact First Lock & Security Technologies today!

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