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Rekeying VS Changing Locks on Doors in Los Gatos, CA; Match Existing Key, Replacing Damaged Lock & More

Please note: We are an essential service. In response to Covid-19 shelter in place order we are obligated to provide locksmith services to our community. We are following CDC guidelines to reduce the risk to our clients and employees.

Rekeying VS Changing Door Locks

There are a lot of different scenarios where a homeowner or business may find they need to have their locks replaced or rekeyed. Keys to a home or business often get misplaced, taken, or simply go missing. Regardless of the situation, you will need to decide if rekeying or replacing the lock is right for you. Both rekeying and lock replacement are options with pros and cons that we will discuss here. First Lock & Security Technologies will share the difference between rekeying and lock replacements and you will be better informed to decide which one is right for you.

Rekey Lock to Match Existing Key

Rekeying is much different than replacing the locks. Essentially, the original lock remains and the pin tumblers inside the lock cylinder are replaced. When rekeying a lock, the pins are replaced with new pins that correspond to a new key which is provided by the locksmith, the old keys will no longer work in the lock. It is easier to rekey a lock when you still have a working key to the lock and this will also save you money. However, if keys are not available the lock can still be rekeyed.

Changing Locks on Doors

Replacing locks is simple in concept but may require a significant amount of work to complete. The primary factor being the existing door prep or how the holes were cut in your door. Additionally, if the holes are non-standard, a new lock may not be available to directly fit. In this case First Lock can advise and guide you to possible solutions.

When is Rekeying Ideal?

There are times when rekeying is the preferred option. One common scenario when rekeying is a better option is when you like the current locks used in the home or business and don’t want to replace them. The locks may have an elegant charm or provide more than sufficient security. Rekeying is recommended when you need to regain control of who has a key to your home or business and replacing the hardware is not necessary or desired.

Replacing Damaged Locks

If a business or homeowner wants to enhance their security, replacing the locks with high security locks can be an option. Another time when a homeowner will prefer to change the lock in the home is for aesthetics. Homeowners will often replace their locks when the lock is broken and beyond repair, they want to enhance the look of the door or they are looking to change the style or finish of their lock hardware.

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When a homeowner or business needs their locks replaced or rekeyed, it is always best to seek professional services. For quality rekeying or lock replacement services, contact First Lock & Security Technologies and schedule our services today.

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