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Commercial Door Lock Types in Woodside, CA; Electronic Locks, Magnetic Locking Systems & More

State-of-the-art equipment like high-tech cameras, motion detectors, and alarm systems are often the first thoughts when people consider their business security. Where these supplements are ideal, the true security of any commercial business starts at the locks. The doors should be the first deterrent to potential intruders of your property. Today, we at First Lock & Security Technologies would like to elaborate on commercial locks.

Keypad Door Locks / Keyless Entry

In order to provide access to the building a keyless door lock requires a passcode. These locks are effective, but user-friendly and only allows access to those who possess the code. Some models also allow you to program time restrictions in which your property. Other optional features include the ability to log and audit employee access codes and times so you can keep track of who goes in and out of the building. With this added benefit, you can prevent serious problems like employee theft. Programming these locks for multiple users with individual codes can help you avoid needing duplicate keys, not getting them returned and needing your business to be rekeyed too often.

Electronic Door Locks

Various types of electronic door locks are currently available for residential and commercial use.
Commonly used to operate a solenoid, motor, or an electromagnet, electronic locks are locked and unlocked with the use of an electrical current. We are available to discuss the various types of locks to fit your exact needs, as there are many options available.

Magnetic Locking Systems

Doors are frequently seen without any functional levers or knobs with this commercial lock. An electromagnetic lock is usually placed at the top part of the door frame. The door is held in the locked position as long as power is applied to the lock. A back-up power supply is required in the event of a power outage as electromagnetic locks are not fail secure!

Push Bar Door Lock Mechanism

Push bar door locks, also known as panic bars function through a connected bar across the inside of the door and allow immediate egress for the occupants at any time and are often required by building and fire code. Once the bar is pressed the internal mechanism of the panic bar retracts the latch that keeps the door closed.

Restricted Keyways

Sophisticated High Security Locks are designed with additional locking features which must be activated in stages of precise movement, timing and accuracy by unique patented keys of which the distribution is controlled by the manufacturer and not available to the key duplication market. One type of patent protects the physical design and actual function of the key in a High Security Lock, others protect the right to manufacture and distribute keys to qualified professional locksmiths via contractual agreements. The design of the blank key as well as the actual function of the key operating the lock is patented. Companies invest very large sums of money to design, patent, manufacture and control distribution of High Security Locks and keys and they have viciously protected their investments in courts. We receive key blanks directly from the manufacturer to provide our customers with true and absolute key control. These keys are not available at hardware stores or other locksmiths. We have established procedures and strict controls via a signature verification process to guarantee that no unauthorized keys will be released. Only authorized people whose name and signature are on the registry can receive keys. Key control has many applications. Employers issue keys to employees are guaranteed that no duplicates can be obtained and if the employee is dismissed or leaves employment and the key is returned, there is no need to rekey the locks saving time and money for the business owner. Another popular use of key control is in condominiums and apartments with common entry doors and facilities like pools and exercise rooms that are secured and restricted to use by residents.
Clients utilize the system for their homes, providing keys to cleaning people and service personnel with the knowledge that they are not getting duplicate keys made. And when they get the key back there is no need to rekey even if things end on a bad note. True Key Control works, contact us to see how.

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Other effective commercial locks include Card Reader Locks, Fingerprint Locks, Cylindrical Lever Locks, and Mortise Locks. No matter which commercial lock is best for your business and budget, First Lock & Security Technologies can get them installed for you quickly and efficiently. Call us for a commercial audit of your business premises to get started today!

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