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How to Prevent Lock Picking and Bumping in San Mateo, CA; High Security Locks, Anti Bump Locks & More

Lock picking or lock bumping is a concern for residential and commercial properties and should not be overlooked. Criminals may seek to bypass locks by picking or lock bumping. You will need to install high security locks cylinders in order to prevent these types of attacks.

How Easy is it to Pick or Bump a Lock?

There are a few facts that need to be covered about lock picking and bumping. First, most residential and commercial locks use a standard pin tumbler lock cylinder. These locks are able to be picked and bumped. People can buy bump keys and picks. Lock picking takes more time and is something that needs to be practiced. Both lock picking and bumping simply needs to be prevented.

Ensure Front Door is Visible from Street

When you want to prevent lock picking and bumping there are a few strategies you can take. One is to first make the door visible. The wrong landscaping can provide cover for the lock picker or bumpers. When you want to defend your home or business make sure the doors are easily seen. Criminals will be less likely to want to break into a home or business if the entire neighborhood can see them do it. You may also want to consider starting up a neighborhood watch. Neighborhood watches are a great crime deterrent when established and properly enforced.

Do Home Security Cameras Prevent Crime?

Next, you can also install security cameras. You will want to install these cameras in plain sight and facing the doors. A criminal never wants their face seen and many are deterred by security cameras. Accompanied with cameras also provide good light outside by the doors. Not only do you have cameras outside, now you are lighting up the door making a criminal feel like they are on stage. The more attention you can put on a lock picker or bumper, the less likely they are to want to break into your home or business.

High Security Locks

For those high target homes or businesses, you will find installing a high security lock cylinders are is well worth the investment. Additionally, keys to these locks cannot be duplicated without the registered owner present. We are registered dealers of both Medeco High Security Locks and Schlage Primus Security Locks. Both product lines are virtually pick proof and provide control against unauthorized duplication, as only authorized persons can obtain duplicate keys.

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