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What to Do After a Break In & How to Protect Your Redwood City, CA Workplace

Break-ins can be just as stressful when they occur at your business premises as they do at your residence. For business owners and managers, break-ins and burglaries impact your livelihood, costing you both money and peace of mind. First Lock & Security Technologies outlines what to do after a break-in and offers helpful tips to prevent future security breaches below.

Call the Police After a Break-In

No matter whether you suspect the break-in happened overnight or you walk in during it, it is important to call the police as soon as possible. Law enforcement can inspect the building before you and your employees enter it. Filing a police report can also aid in proving fault or damage to your insurance company.

Repair Damaged & Broken Windows, Doors & Locks

If windows, doors and/or locks were broken during the break-in, it is vital to get them fixed as soon as possible to address this serious vulnerability so that it does not leave you prone to future break-ins. A professional locksmith can repair or replace damaged locks and hardware as needed.

Determine How Break-In Occurred

View any security camera footage of the break-in, both from your facility and any nearby cameras. If possible, formulate a description of the perpetrator and take note of when, where and how the break-in occurred. This can help to prevent future break-ins as well.

Account for Stolen Stock & Other Items

Make a list of what was stolen and the approximate value of each item. This is important for inventory purposes as well as for filing an incident report and subsequent insurance claim.

File an Official Police Incident Report

The information you have gathered in the steps listed above will be used to file the police incident report. This is a necessary step to complete before contacting your insurance company.

Call Your Insurance Company

Present the incident report to your insurance company along with any other information they request in regards to what was stolen or damaged during the break-in.

Get Employees to Care About Workplace Security & Improve It

Break-ins can leave your staff feeling anxious and troubled. Meet with your team members and reassure them with a plan for an upgraded security strategy. Then call a professional locksmith to help you implement it. First Lock & Security Technologies can assess and audit your building security as well as install the latest security equipment.

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First Lock & Security Technologies is here to assist you after a break-in into your workplace or home, as well as help you prevent future incursions. If you are fortunate enough that a break-in has not yet occurred, you can call us to improve your security now to help prevent it from ever happening. Call us today for a free assessment or come by our shop in Los Altos during business hours!

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